Umno Youth Leaders Want PAC Disbanded, Members Probed

Umno Youth leaders want the Public Account Committee (PAC) to be dissolved, claiming PAC members are suspected of providing false information to foreign media.

“The sale of confidential information…is a serious crime and can victimise those under investigation. It also causes negative perception, not only to 1MDB but the national economy.
“I urge police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to probe each PAC member.

"I also urge that the PAC be disbanded and new members with integrity are appointed, given that the current members are dubious and prefer to indulge in politics,” Umno Youth exco member Armand Azha Abu Hanifah said in a statement.

The Wall Street Journal’s last week reported that another US$1 billion (RM4.2 billion) payment from state investment firm 1MDB to Abu Dhabi's International Petroleum Investment Co (IPIC) is allegedly missing.

1MDB confirmed that payment was made to IPIC to terminate options.

However, 1MDB said it cannot speak for IPIC as to what happened to the cash.

Armand said Wall Street Journal is part of an orchestrated move to spread lies against the government.

His call was echoed by Federal Territories Umno Youth chief Mohd Razlan Muhammad Rafii (photo) who zeroed in on PAC member and DAP’s Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua.

He noted that Pua’s name was mentioned in the jailhouse confession of former PetroSaudi employee Xavier Justo, who was convicted of trying to blackmail the Saudi Arabian oil company which had deals with 1MDB.

“Police must find those in the scheme with Pua in the conspiracy involving PAC members, to topple the government through deceit,” Razlan said in a statement.

Justo reportedly said he passed the confidential information to officials from the business publication The Edge, after being introduced to them by Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

He said Pua introduced Rewcastle-Brown to The Edge’s officials.

Pua admitted sharing the contacts with Rewcastle-Brown, but said he know nothing of the leaks until it was reported by The Edge and Sarawak Report.

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